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MatriArt at the University Museum: Lucy Lewis

Inspired by Dr. Georgina Badoni's MatriArt project, we highlight stories of Native women artists and mothers represented in the University...

From Pin Cushions to Irons: A Historical Collections Inventory Update

Spring 2021 Graduate Intern Courtney Uldrich provides an update of the inventory of the diverse historical collections at the University Museum.

Cigarette Silks and Museums: A Quilt from the Estate of Robert W. Boney

Curator Kristin Otto examines the history and significance a quilt made from "cigarette silks."

NMSU in Textiles: Inventory Updates

A look at some recently inventoried textiles featuring the history of NMSU.

Recent Acquisition: Two Shawls from Zinacantán

A look at the recently acquired shawls by Tzotil-Maya artists in Chiapas, Mexico, purchased from Weaving for Justice.

Fall Conservation Intern: Sam Corral

Fourth-year NMSU Museum Conservation student Samantha Corral discusses her experience working with textiles as an intern this fall.

Recent Acquisition: Basket by Lydia Pesata

A look at the recently acquired hand-woven basket by Jicarilla Apache artist Lydia Pesata, a gift of Charles and Mildred Miles.

Legacy Collections and Berrenda Creek

M.A. student and University Museum graduate assistant Lindsey Cron introduces her ongoing thesis research with the Berrenda Creek collections.