Internship Opportunities

Students are welcome and encouraged to seek internship credit hours to gain experience in a variety of museum processes - including registration, cataloging, inventory, conservation, and programming. Such internships may be of particular interest to students in the departments of Anthropology, Art, and/or History, but students of any background our welcome. If you are earning the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, the University Museum is also a great place to fulfill those requirements. Through the Anthropology department at NMSU, the course number is ANTH 385 for undergraduates or ANTH 597 for graduate students. If you are interested in an internship, please contact Dr. Fumi Arakawa at

Student working at desk inventorying ceramics 

Our collections are comprised of archaeological, enthographic, and historical cultural objects. We have particular strengths in the areas of the Southwest and New Mexico in particular, but we have collections from around the world. As an intern at the NMSU University Museum, you are contributing to the preservation of our collections, while also gaining important experience to utilize in future career paths. We are extremely flexible with your schedule knowing that you may have other courses to attend during the semester. Many students go on to museum-based careers after their internships at the NMSU University Museum, and we are happy to have you!