Exhibition Archive


MUSEUM CONFIDENTIAL: Curiosities and Treasures from the University Museum ( June 2018 – October 2018)

Defending Truth and Memory: The Path Towards Justice in Guatemala

The Songs Endure, They Carry the Stories: Music and Dance of the Native Southwest (Spring 2015 – Spring 2018)

Harmonious Beauty – Through the Eyes of Diné Artists (Fall 2014 – Fall 2017)

As We See It: Contemporary Native American Photographers (Spring 2017)

Itaa Katsi: Our Life (Spring 2016 – Fall 2016)

Spirit Seeds: Celebrating Native American Beadwork (Fall 2015)

Light in the Desert: Photographs from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert (Fall 2014)

Cloth as Community: Hmong Textiles in America (Fall 2014)

Dress Code: Cultural Expression through Printed Cloth of East Africa (spring 2014-summer 2014)

The Skull Beneath the Skin: Forensic Anthropology of the Human Cranium (spring 2014-summer 2014)

Memories of Pie Town: Rural New Mexico During the Great Depression (fall 2013-summer 2014)

Maria Martinez and the Pottery of San Ildefonso Pueblo (fall 2013- summer 2014)

Seeing, Hearing, Learning, Being Loved: Cradleboards of North America (2013)

Weaving Solidarity: Textile Traditions of Highland Chiapas (2012-2013)

Plazas of New Mexico: A project of the Historic Preservation and Regionalism Program, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico (spring 2013)
‘Plazas’ is a traveling exhibition and a project of the Historic Preservation and Regionalism Program

Mbuti: Children of the Forest (fall 2012)
‘Mbuti: Children of the Forest’ is a traveling exhibition from the Tribal Trust Foundation

Painting Lives, Preserving Culture: Pottery of Acoma and Laguna Pueblos (fall 2012)

Enchanting the Nation: New Mexico and the United States (spring 2012)

Dancing Under the Moon: The Raramuri of the Sierra Tarahumara (fall 2011-spring 2012)

Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland (spring 2012)

Through the Eye of the Macaw: Ritual Symbolism of Casas Grandes (fall 2011)

Envisioning Vietnam: Continuity and Change in the 21st Century (fall 2011)

Human Origins: Fossil Evidence from Africa (fall 2011)

Images of the Past: Mogollon Rock Art (fall 2010-summer 2011)

Carnaval! (April – August 2011)
Carnaval! is a traveling exhibit from the Mid-America Arts Alliance and NEH on the Road.

Masked Traditions of Venetian Carnaval (spring 2011)

Southwest Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry (fall 2010 – spring 2011)

IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas (fall 2010)
IndiVisible is a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution’s Traveling Exhibit Service

Counting Change: Currency of the Mexican Revolution (fall 2009 – fall 2010)

Spirit Messengers: Hopi Katsina Dolls (spring 2010)

Exploring Yaqui and Mayo Ceremonial Disguise (spring 2010)

Trails of the Southwest (summer 2010)

Hilos de Tradicion “Threads of Tradition”: Blankets of Chimayo (fall 2009)

Dine Weavers Create Beauty: Woven Journeys Through Navajo Landscapes (fall 2009)

Neanderthals (spring 2009)

Temple of the Warriors: Rebuilding a Maya Monument (spring 2009)

Kipp Ruin: a Prehistoric Mogollon Pueblo (spring 2009)

The Pasternack Collection of African Art (spring 2007)

Africa: From Eritrea with Love (spring 2007)