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MatriArt at the University Museum: Lucy Lewis

Inspired by Dr. Georgina Badoni's MatriArt project, we highlight stories of Native women artists and mothers represented in the University...

From Pin Cushions to Irons: A Historical Collections Inventory Update

Spring 2021 Graduate Intern Courtney Uldrich provides an update of the inventory of the diverse historical collections at the University Museum.

Cigarette Silks and Museums: A Quilt from the Estate of Robert W. Boney

Curator Kristin Otto examines the history and significance a quilt made from "cigarette silks."

NMSU in Textiles: Inventory Updates

A look at some recently inventoried textiles featuring the history of NMSU.

Recent Acquisition: Two Shawls from Zinacantán

A look at the recently acquired shawls by Tzotil-Maya artists in Chiapas, Mexico, purchased from Weaving for Justice.

Fall Conservation Intern: Sam Corral

Fourth-year NMSU Museum Conservation student Samantha Corral discusses her experience working with textiles as an intern this fall.

Recent Acquisition: Basket by Lydia Pesata

A look at the recently acquired hand-woven basket by Jicarilla Apache artist Lydia Pesata, a gift of Charles and Mildred Miles.

Legacy Collections and Berrenda Creek

M.A. student and University Museum graduate assistant Lindsey Cron introduces her ongoing thesis research with the Berrenda Creek collections.

The University Museum Blog

Introducing the University Museum's blog and the revised mission statement.