Current Exhibitions


The Songs Endure, They Carry the Stories: Music and Dance of the Native Southwest

Music, dance and ceremony remain essential to the complex and dynamic cultural life of the Native Southwest. This exhibition celebrates the instruments and regalia used in ongoing music and dance traditions among the Apache, Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo, Yoeme (Yaqui) and Raramuri (Tarahumara) people.

Audio and visual elements accompany the over 70 historic and contemporary treasures from the University Museum collection.


The Songs Endure, They Carry the Stories: Music and Dance of the Native Southwest is funded by a grant from the Southwest and Border Cultures Institute of NMSU.


Harmonious Beauty – Through the Eyes of Diné Artists

The opening of the Studio School painting program at the Santa Fe Indian School in 1932, under the direction of Dorothy Dunn, was especially significant in the development of Diné painting. The “Studio style” reflects an art of storytelling, conveying a rich cultural perspective through a distinctive two-dimensional approach. Dunn fostered the natural ability of artists, encouraging the artists’ remembrances of traditional culture through subjects referencing ceremony, such as blessing a weaving, and landscape scenes evoking Diné life, including herding sheep.


The exhibition features twelve works of art including watercolors, gouache, lithographs and silkscreen prints, by noted Diné artists including Harrison Begay, R.C. Gorman, Gerald Nailor, and Beatien Yazz. These visually stunning two-dimensional representations embody the Diné philosophy and concept of hózhó, exemplifying masterful balance, order, beauty and harmony in composition and design.


Pottery from the Americas

Permanent Exhibit: Pottery from the Americas

The NMSU Museum is home to a unique and comprehensive collection of both prehistoric and historical pottery.  This collection includes almost 600 pottery vessels that reflect the vibrant artistry and beauty of Southwestern and Mesoamerican ceramics.  There is also an extensive type collection of sherds from New Mexico and Chihuahua to be explored, as well as other educational materials.