Museum School Kits

The Museum’s School Outreach Program  is in its sixth year of operation.  Integrated into the program are “Museum-In-A-Bag” learning kits focused on Indians of the American Southwest. The kits contents are designed to engage elementary and middle school in hands on experiences with objects unique to the Museum.  The newest kit is El Camino Real: New Mexico’s Royal Road and offers replicas of historic trade objects, historical archaeology projects, maps, history lessons, and much more. Students are encouraged to learn and appreciate the natural environment of New Mexico. They are also encouraged to examine various artifacts and art forms, building familiarity and respect for the cultural diversity of the Southwest. For teachers, background information, suggested multiple activities, and answers to activity questions are included.

Image of Camino Real School Kit

Part of the Camino Real School Kit


Indians of the Southwest Kit

Includes 5 student bags per classroom and is available for 3 to 6 weeks.  Each kit contains books on ancient and present Indian cultures (Anasazi, Hohokam, Mimbres, Mogollon, Diné, Inde, Hopi, etc.), artifacts and tools used by the Indians, posters illustrating pottery and native plants used for dyes, potsherds for sorting and matching activities, and a teacher’s packet with background information and multiple learning experiences for children.  Answers to worksheets and activities are provided.

El Camino Real, New Mexico’s Royal Road Kit

This kit provides teachers with literature, activities and objects that facilitate the creation of an engaging learning environment in the classroom.  Teachers receive books, articles, worksheets and activity cards.  Students have access to age appropriate readings, maps and examples of itesm that were traded up and down the Camino Real during its use.  Activities highlight important events and conditions once experienced along the trail. We hope that the Camino Real unit will create in students a sense of connection with the past along with an understanding and appreciation of the multicultural setting in which they find themselves today.

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